Amy Finlayson and Bart Celestino are proud to present #LOVE2020 – a digital only calendar, with images and limited-edition artworks being released on the 1st of every calendar month.

In order to support the women in our lives we partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation this year in the hope that the diversity not only in appearance, age and background, but also vocation, would inspire future generations to be whatever they want to be, no matter what life throws at them. As such, we’re donating 80% of the total calendar sales to help fund life-changing breast cancer research and support NBCF’s mission to eliminate deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

We feature 12 multi-faceted and multi-talented Australian identities for #LOVE2020. Mothers, daughters, survivors, pioneers, wives, lovers and ground breakers. Roberta Pecoraro kicks off 2020 as Miss January, with the likes of Elle Ferguson, Carissa Walford, Camilla Franks and many others following suit.

“NBCF is working towards a goal of zero deaths by 2030. As NBCF is 100% community-funded, corporate support through initiatives like this one is paramount to us reaching this goal. We are so proud that the #LOVE2020 calendar is aligned to NBCF’s mission in spreading awareness of the importance of breast cancer research. Together, we can stop deaths from breast cancer.”
– Professor Sarah Hosking (CEO of NBCF)

It is with a heavy heart however as we release this calendar during the catastrophic bushfires currently raging around Australia. Bart and I have vowed to donate 20% of the total calendar sales from January-March directly to the Rural Fire Services to do a small part in helping rebuild our charred Nation.

Single month (monochrome and artistic version) – $3.00
Full calendar year (images released on the 1st of every month via email link) – $30.00

Original, physical artwork available with exhibition coming soon. Make an enquiry


January – Roberta Pecoraro @robertapoecoraro
February – Sameerah Osman @sameerahosman
March – Camilla Franks @CamillaWithLove
April – Carissa Walford @carissawalford
May – Charlotte Best @char_best
June – Sian Redgrave @sian_redgrave
July – Gabrielle Penfold @gabriellepenfold
August – Amy Finlayson @amy_fin
September – Millicent Lee @millicenttlee
October – Ilona Novacek @ilonanovacek
November – Kitty Callaghan @kittycallaghan
December – Elle Ferguson @elle_ferguson




Thank you.

The calendar was photographed by Bart Celestino in Australia, and would not be possible without the help of the following sponsors:

Pix On Location

Lauren McCowan
Keiren Street
Travis Balcke

Frances Fraser
Noni Smith
Claire Thomson

Nadene Duncan