TUCHUZY and THE FIN COLLECTION are proud to present TIDAL, an 8-10 week art exhibition installed in TUCHUZY Beach House, artworks and artists changing regularly.

TIDAL is a celebration of costal living, fresh starts, new life and the beauty that lies in our love, Bondi Beach.

Curated by Amy Finlayson (of The Fin Collection), this progressive and cyclical exhibition will be a reflection of the essence that is TUCHUZY- a constant pursuit of the new and the now- with fresh, young and local artists being proudly displayed next to established professionals, much like the prêt-à-porter in the boutique.

A precursor to the launch month of this new website, this show reflects a rebirth of both ideas and passions for both Amy Finlayson and also the institution that is TUCHUZY.

The artists kicking off this 8-week installation include:

Amy Finlayson

@amy_fin / @thefincollection


Brett Chan



Carla Uriarte



Joel Bennetts



Nick Hernandez



Tanya Linney



Tim Swallow



With many more exciting names to follow.


For more information please email [email protected]

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Nick Pont.

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