The repetitious movement in order to shed the old and come into the new.

The constant, glorious struggle and continuous momentum in order to be projected into the present, the glory and the divine truth of who you really are.

The shedding of layers of an old self, a past life and previous ideals.

The new. The bold. THE FIN COLLECTION.


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There’s something to be said for reinvention. The ability to internally and externally release what hasn’t worked for oneself in the past, to create a new persona, to drive forth into the ether a new energy and a new way of being.

I took a few weeks to pen this introduction to the primary issue of my freshly renovated and newly invigorated website.

There were quiet moments of introspection, intensely anxious bouts of negative reflection, open discussions with professionals, hilarious conversations with friends, soft heart aching, heavy breathed considerations with loved ones, hopeful meetings and interviews, a douse of denial, a little sweat and lots of tears. But here we are, ready to propel a new era of creativity and imagination into the world. 

With quarterly focuses, I hope to bring you the freshest of the fresh, the newest of the new and the most creative bite sizes pieces of content to quench your thirst for the current and satisfy your hunger for the unique.

I hope you love it, I hope you share it, and I hope to god you continue to create it.

Submissions welcome with open arms (pending a curated review of course)