Ash Holmes.

Ash Holmes is a pure delight. 4th generation artist, hailing from a line of strong, creative women. Painting is in her blood, her bones and most certainly her brain. 

What is the one feeling and emotion that you hope to emulate through your works to
your viewers and buyers….and why?

The sensory effect with colour psychology generating happy ambient emotions is what I really hope people feel when they view my work. 

 In your most recent show, Recollection Echo, you explore new methods and materials,
full of layers and different mark making techniques, making them diverse and
multifaceted. Why are these new ways of creating so important to you and your artistic

It’s important to me to try new methodologies to push myself in new directions. Nothing grows in the comfort zone! 

How do you move into the head space of creating new works? What is your journey to
find new perspectives in life and art? 


Creating a space is a really important part of my creative process so lots of natural light, coffee, music and palo santo burning always get me into a great working headspace. A significant part of my journey to finding new perspectives is travel, I recently travelled to Western Australia with my family and was so inspired by the landscape with their incredible beaches and long, flat stretches of road. Other places like Mallorca, Berlin and Japan have really inspired my work as well. When I am travelling I will sketch lots and document with photography, which will then later be my journal to create in the studio. 

You come from a long line of painters and artisans. Was continuing this important to you? Why so? And if you found yourself moving into a new career at any point, what do you think this would look like? 
I was really lucky to grow up with such an artistic Mum and Grandmother and Great Grandmother, there was always a space in our home to be creative with paints, clay and lots of drawing materials around. It’s really special to me that I have such a connection to the females in my family through art. If I was to move into a new career it could be working with different materials such as sculpting or I am also really interested in art therapy as colour psychology really interests me. 

Being from such a long line of artists, how do you feel about your future generations being a part of such a rich history?

With my own children it would be so special for there to be more artists in the family. I loved the way my Mum introduced me to art very organically and by being so encouraging but there was never any pressure, so I would look to do the same. You can be in artist in so many ways, so I would find it interesting to see where the next generations of our family fall into their creative habits.   

Follow Ash: @ashholmesart

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