Dina Broadhurst; mother, artist, force of nature. The Fin Collection chats to Dina to see what makes her tick, and her take on the ‘f word’.

1.What does ‘Power’ mean to you?

Power means to be vulnerable but at the same time strong. To show all your layers as medals of honour and pride. That there is strength and power in experience, in being able to drop your mask while still protecting. Power is honouring yourself, your emotions and always continuing your growth.

2. Are you a feminist?

Men and women are so different with different strengths and goals and the beauty is in the polarity of the male and the female, equality is not such a simple word. Yes we should of course all have the same rights and opportunities. I am a believer in being true to your femininity

3. Name 3 women that inspire you

Yayoi Kusama, Charlotte Perriand, Sam Taylor Johnson

4. How does your art empower the female voice?

By showing layers and allowing women to be their true untamed beauty, expose their masks, their hidden dreams, their multi personas, and to not be afraid and own being a woman.

5. What do you like most about being a woman?

My emotions, my passion, my fragility and my ability

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Raising a son and doing what I love to do every day

7. What is your worst habit?

Long baths.

8. Do you think we have a long way to go to reach true equality between the sexes?

Absolutely but as a woman I choose not to except the status quo and to actively own and demand what I believe. My partner and I both work full time on careers and him treating me like a woman is essential to our relationship. He would never demand I cook or clean for him and he takes pleasure in looking after my needs including making me wonderful dinners and supporting me with my artistic work to facilitate my dreams and goals for the future. He, as well as my son, accepts my independence, my confidence in my body and the way I choose to express myself, my passions and my interests. No one in our family is overlooked as an integral part no matter their age or sex, each with personal needs, differences of opinion and unique goals. Everyone gets their chance. We have to start someone and where better than in our own backyards.

9. What is your idea of happiness?


10. What will the future bring for you?

A giant studio with everything under one roof


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