The Fin Collection was lucky enough to catch up with v v talented Jamie Preisz ahead of his upcoming show at Jerico Contemporary entitled ‘Hold On’…read more below about what makes him tick and his love of pickles and paint.

1. A/S/L?


Sex: Male

L: Legs, I have two of them?

2. Your upcoming show ‘Hold On’ at Jerico Contemporary seems to deal an emotive juxtaposition of masculinity (represented by the tattooed, manly hands) against femininity (represented by the floral arrangements and bounty of fruit). Was this an accidental pairing or something you premeditated?

I think that’s a really great reading of that work in particular and I’m glad you noticed that. In a more general sense though I try not to direct my audiences reading of my works. I find art most interesting when it’s a vehicle to project meaning onto. The work definitely has a lot of meaning for me but and I think just like how a song can take on a personal meaning or emotion I hope my audience sees that in my work.

3. If you could be any superhero who would you be?

Gambit from X-Men. Not that I’m a gambler but I love that he has a vice and can still be a good guy. I feel like I have every vice under the sun yet I hope I’m still one of the good guys.

4. Where and when did you study art?

I studied at COFA, finishing in 2012.

5. Your previous works are layered with both paint and meaning (you’ve documented the layering process so well on social media). What draws you to pieces that take such time to produce?

For me the process can be a very calming experience. It’s a great combination of problem solving and serene, slow practice with a creative outcome I can feel proud of. I think in many ways it’s not just a job it’s also self preservation.

6. What’s your favorite food?

Westmont pickles. I order them by the case.

7. Why do you think you’re so drawn to hands? (Pardon the pun)

Lol. For me hands are so expressive and personal yet they can also be anonymous. I’ve always loved painting and drawing them I think also because I like the technical difficulties they present.

8. Art critic Jerry Saltz recently posted a very clear message about not having a pretentious artist statement [you can read it here]. If you could say anything about your practice in only 5 words, what would you say…




Grumpy-Dave (my assistant)


9. Do you have a favorite color?

I’ve always loved blue and red but not really together.

10. 10 words of advice to any struggling artists out there…

Doing art is like skateboarding or surfing to me. It’s not a mountain that you can get to the top of, it’s something that should be fun and you should enjoy regardless of sales, validation and acknowledgment. If your practice validates you and you feel proud of what you’ve done keep pushing and expanding. If it feels like your not doing it for you it’s time to switch things up and go to what you enjoy doing.

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