In a time full of what feels like a zillion bikini-clad insta-famous models, why not turn your gaze (and your feed) to something a little different and jump on the insta-famous-artist bandwagon? We’ve managed to track down the most talented, boundary pushing, somewhat controversial, yet always interesting, insta-artists for your perusal. Happy scrolling!

1. Alpha Channeling – @alphachanneling

With an outstanding following of over 355k, Alpha Channeling is known by many, yet his true identity still remains a mystery. Borrowing the incognito manifesto from Banksy, Channeling describes his art as ‘utopian erotic’ and it’s not hard to see why. A mix of Matisse and Picasso with a dash of cartoon eroticism, this account is probably not one to open at work, however with a rumored show in Australia in 2017, you should definitely watch this space.

2. Buttonfruit – @buttonfruit

The darling of the fashion world (think Dries Van Noten’s invites, Vogue interviews and paintings of all the fash pack), Buttonfruit’s portrait of Raf Simmons covered WWD magazine back in July of 2016 and the artist hasn’t looked back since. Borrowing muses from high fashion houses and bibles alike, Gill Button’s take on iconic faces is met with a painterly simplicity, bordering on cartoon but capturing a likeness of her subjects that is uncanny and remarkable.

3. Petra F Collins – @petrafcollins

Boasting 418k followers, Petra has nailed ‘the art of The Female Gaze’. Rallying her famous friends (think Kim K, Zendaya, and Tavi Gevinson) Collins is a master of the colored gel, creating images saturated in light, color and emotion. The angst of youth, the turmoil of identity, a navigation of gendered stereotypes, along with an underlying hope of romance all fill her fabulous photographs.

4. Stephanie Sarley – @stephanie_sarley

Before you go searching for Stephanie Sarley, I must issue a NSFW statement. Her somewhat polarizing account deals with issues of femininity, sexuality and well, the fingering of fruit. Not something you want to open on a crowded bus or café, however pretty entertaining and very thought provoking and at the end of the day, that’s what art is all about isn’t it? Well worth a watch (en prive).

5. JR – @jr

Part daredevil part large scale street artist, JR has pushed the boundaries of traditional wheat pasting ‘graffiti art’ by working on mammoth projects that change the viewers perception of both spatial reality and street art in general. His most shared venture to date would have to be the time he camouflaged the triangular glass entrance to The Louvre, hiding it in plan sight by shrouding it in images of the building directly behind it. Crafty indeed.

6. George Byrne – @george_byrne

An Aussie expat living in LA, Byrne will bring an eternal summer to your insta-feed. Popular for his unique take on LA landscapes, he celebrates architecture, colour and composition, while creating images that are bright, fun and super collectable.

7. Badly Drawn Models- @badlydrawnmodels

A personal favorite, who wouldn’t want to follow an account that features ‘beautiful people, drawn badly’? Simple line drawings that will make you laugh out loud, an easy account to get addicted to. On my wish list? My very own badly drawn portrait.

8. Genieve Figgis – @genievefiggis

I don’t know how she does it, but Figgis manages to create some of the most amazing images with her seemingly accidental swirls of paint. Carefully constructed scenes turn out to something of a satirical takes on the old masters. Whatever is going on here, I totally love it.

9. Unskilled worker – @unskilledworker

With a meticulous attention to detail, these whimsical, colour soaked fashion based portraits are sure to delight. Textural, ethereal, and definitely charming, these characters are true treasures among Instagram monotony.

10. Harley Weir – @harleyweir

The It girl of the fashion world, Weir is a force to be reckoned with. She recently shot the Calvin Klein campaign and her crimson saturated imagery is gentle yet powerful. She offers a unique reality not limited by perfection, allowing us to see the beauty in the most abstract of places. A true artist.

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